Improve your French by having fun with private oral French lessons

(even if you’re shy and afraid of making mistakes)

Great lesson with Frédéric. The teacher is very patient and the flashcards are well made.

Owen O.

Frédéric is a very kind, patient and effective teacher. Thank you so much!

Georgina G.

An exceptional teacher – punctual, motivating and effective! I highly recommend him!

Boris S.

Why is it easier to understand French than to speak it?

Let me guess.

You’ve been studying French for months, years… and you’ve made great progress in understanding.

But when it comes to speaking French:

– You’re afraid of making mistakes in French and no words come out of your mouth.

– You need time to find the right words.

– You don’t understand when a native French speaker answers you.

– You lose your vocabulary easily. And when you get home, you say to yourself: « I knew that phrase! »

– You lack vocabulary for many conversation topics.

– You feel stuck and your speaking skills are not developing.

It’s not your fault

❌ Traditional classes never let you speak French:

  • You can’t speak in a class of 25. Even in intensive courses. But speaking is the most important activity to progress.
  • You’ve studied a lot of grammar: Grammar is useful. But you don’t learn to drive by studying the engine.
  • You’ve learned vocabulary lists: the names of all the animals on earth and all the colors of the rainbow. That’s very specific vocabulary for an advanced level!
  • You’ve been given homework, grades. And since then you associate languages with something difficult. A place where you are judged.
  • You’ve learned the conjugation of the verb « être » in all tenses (present, subjunctive, imperfect…), but you haven’t learned to speak spontaneously. Without thinking about the conjugation and without getting a headache.

That’s why you can’t progress. You’re missing the essential: the practice of oral expression.

That’s why I created Private Oral French Lessons.

These courses focus 100% on what is most important: practice.

The goal: to help you make progress in oral French, so that you finally have the confidence to speak. And learn vocabulary and authentic expressions… while having fun!

Your French teacher

My name is Frédéric Merlin, a passionate French teacher and founder of

A graduate of the DAEFLE of the Alliance Française, I have helped more than 200 students improve their French through interactive and personalized conversation courses.

Advantages of private oral French lessons:

☑️ Courses that finally give you the opportunity to express yourself in French. No grammar, no useless exercises, no grades or homework. You are here to practice your oral French and make progress, not to learn theory or be evaluated.

☑️ 100% personalized courses, adapted to your level, your goals and your personal ambitions.

☑️ Unique FLASHCARDS (recorded with my voice) of important vocabulary offered after each lesson. The flashcards allow you to revise more easily and have the vocabulary in audio and written form to make sure you pronounce everything correctly.

☑️ Everyday vocabulary, concrete and practical. Learn to speak like a native, not like in French methods.

☑️ Zero stress. Benefit from a unique environment where you have the right to hesitate before speaking and make mistakes without fear of being judged.

☑️ France at home every week. Courses are held online on Google Meet. Immerse yourself in the French language every week without getting on a plane.

☑️ No need to take notes. I select the most important vocabulary for you and record it in Flashcards live during the course. You can concentrate on speaking.

☑️ ️Courses where you are actors, not spectators. You are not here to listen to a teacher’s monologue, but to improve your oral French. We only talk about topics that interest you. You choose the topic or I choose it for you. We can also have spontaneous conversations. It’s up to you.

✔ 45 minute lessons

✔ Speaking practice

✔ Online lessons

✔ Personalized lessons

I want to improve my spoken French now!

(Limited places)

Book your place from Monday to Friday, French time UTC+2.

We will work out together a regular schedule that suits you.

Rate :

Package of 5 courses:
175€ (i.e. 35€/45-minute course)


You will receive personalized flashcards at the end of each course.

Testimonials from students:

I highly recommend him. He is very pleasant and encouraging, and has an interesting background with lots of travel experience, etc. He also has a very good language recording system during the classes, which allows him to create many flashcards (with the audio of his voice) for you during the class without you noticing. It’s really excellent and makes the conversation lessons very effective, but also productive and stress-free – you don’t have to worry about stopping to take notes, or worrying too much about learning a phrase, etc. It helps conversations unfold in a very natural and organic way, which is exactly what I needed after years of learning from textbooks etc. without having any real conversations.

Eoin D.

Absolutely perfect. Highly recommended. I will definitely be continuing with the lessons. Very useful flashcard application during the course. Thank you Frédéric for your patience with me.

Tiffani S.

Excellent lesson, Frédéric is very supportive, competent and has a wonderful method.

Daniel D.

Great first lesson with Frédéric! I haven’t practiced French for years, but his teaching style was great. He also records phrases that you can play back to practice. I highly recommend taking a class with him 🙂

Jeevi R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the topics covered in the private oral French lessons?

Explore topics that interest you or improve your speaking skills on specific topics.

Depending on your level and goals, I can also offer fun role-playing exercises to practice ordering in a restaurant, visiting a pharmacy, attending a job interview, etc.

I tailor the lessons to your level to get the best results.

What are flashcards and how do they work?
Flashcards are unique and personalized memory cards for each lesson, recorded with my voice.

These flashcards contain important vocabulary and expressions from each lesson:

  • in written form
  • in audio form (recorded with my voice)
  • with their English translation (or the language of your choice)
  • with their phonetic transcription.

You will have lifetime access to these flashcards through a private link reserved for you.

If you wish, you can also export your flashcards to the Anki software.

Anki is a free study software available for Windows and Android that adapts to your memory to optimize your studies.

I can't make it to a lesson, can I cancel it?

Yes, you can cancel a lesson in exceptional circumstances.

However, you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

If you cancel within this time, the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.

Please note, however, that if a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, the full cost of the lesson will be charged (except for medical reasons) and you will not be able to make up the lesson.

Thank you for your understanding.

What language will be used during the lessons?

I try to use only French during the lessons as this is the most effective way to make progress.

However, if necessary, I may use English to explain a grammar rule or give the translation of a word.

I adapt to your level and preferences to give you the best possible learning experience. For example, if you’re a beginner, I’ll use English more often than if you’re an intermediate.

I'm shy, can I participate in the class?

Absolument !


The lessons are designed to help you gain confidence and express yourself in French.

You will practice speaking in a supportive and comfortable environment where you can speak, make mistakes and hesitate without fear of judgment.

The goal? To help you overcome your shyness and feel comfortable speaking French.

Will I have homework after class?

No, you will not have formal homework after class.

However, at the end of each lesson, I will provide you with French flashcards recorded with my voice.

These flashcards are an excellent tool for reviewing and reinforcing the vocabulary we have covered during the lesson.

While it is not mandatory, taking the time to review these flashcards will really make a difference in your learning.

To really make progress in the long term, you will need to continue studying French at home after class.

What do I need to access the lessons?

All you need is a good Internet connection.

All lessons are conducted online via Google Meet, no installation required.

For personalized flashcards, I use the professional software

You will have lifetime access to your flashcards without having to register or install anything.

You can use these flashcards with the free Anki software, available for Windows and Mac computers and Android devices.

Anki is a memorization software that uses algorithms to optimize your learning and help you remember vocabulary more easily.

You can also access the flashcards for free directly from the website.

At what level can I take a private oral French course?

There is no minimum level required to take a private conversation class.

I adapt to each student regardless of their level. If you are a beginner (level A1-A2), you can participate without any problem.

However, for beginners, I may use English more often to ensure that the lesson remains understandable and enjoyable.

How do I join the online classes?

Once we have agreed on a regular schedule for your lessons, you will receive a confirmation email with a Google Meet link.

All you have to do is click on this link to join the class.

You will always use the same link.

Google Meet is an easy-to-use online video conferencing platform.

Can I get a refund for a missed class?

No, if you do not attend the lesson, you cannot get a refund.

However, you can cancel a lesson in exceptional circumstances if you notify me at least 24 hours in advance.

In this case, we can reschedule the lesson for a later date.

Can I enroll my child?

No, I specialize in teaching French to adults and the lessons are reserved for people who are at least 18 years old.

Teaching methods for children are completely different from those for adults.

I advise you to look for a French teacher who specializes in teaching children.

They will do a much better job than me and your child will be happier.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept bank transfer and credit card payments.

Credit card payments are 100% safe thanks to the use of Stripe, a reliable and 100% secure online payment platform.

For transfers outside the European Union, you can use Transferwise, a reliable and secure platform for international money transfers.

Transferwise is often the least expensive option.